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Crab Cake

1 pc

Catfish Sandwich

4 pieces with bread


15 lb case

Mr. Dickies Fish Sandwich

4 filets of Whiting Fried Fish. Served with your choice of White or Wheat Bread. Includes Tartar and Hot Sauce.

Whiting Fish Case

40 lb

"Krissy" Special

4 pieces of whiting with 2 sides

Shrimp Basket

8 shrimp with fries

Steamed Shrimp

Per lb.

4 Pieces Whiting Sandwich

With choice of bread

2 Pieces Whiting Sandwich

With choice of bread

Trout Sandwich

3 pieces

Fresh Catch: Seafood Delights

Fresh Catch: Seafood Delights
Indulge in fresh seafood at our restaurant. Try our succulent fish dishes, like grilled salmon or crispy fish tacos. Our menu offers a variety of American seafood classics, from fish and chips to seafood pasta. Savor the flavors of the ocean with our delectable fish options.

Fish Feast: Delivery and Pickup Options

Fish Feast: Delivery and Pickup Options
Savor our seafood at home! Enjoy our fish feast favorites with delivery or pickup. Indulge in succulent salmon, crispy fish and chips, or a hearty seafood platter. Order online for a convenient pickup or have your fish feast delivered to your door.

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